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Heat Wave.....

We are having a heat wave.....we sure are!!! This hot the first week in June? Crazy!

Fire danger continues to be in the Extreme for northern and central Minnesota.

Sure hope everyone is being mindful of the low humidity, the high temps and total lack of rain. Things are starting to show stress....noticed trees, certain plants are being parched. Of course if you have a garden or flowers, water, water, water!

We should be careful what we wish for but a good soaking rain for a few days would be a good thing. How refreshing would that be?? :)

As spring is drawing it's close and summer is moving in faster than normal, we look to a fun summer on the lake. A reminder as you begin the boating season.....wear your life preserver! It's so easy to do these days as there are so many choices of life gear to chose from for fishing, skiing, tubing, or just pleasure. Remember even the grandbaby needs a life jacket to be in the boat. Be safe, enjoy the summer!

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