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Have you paid your 2020 Lake Washburn Membership Dues?

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February 2020

Happy New Year from the Lake Washburn Association!

The Lake Washburn Association (LWA) is happy to announce that in 2020, at membership

request, there are three ways that membership dues – and contributions to the Aquatic Invasive

Species (AIS) Fund and/or the General Fund (GF) – can be paid. Effective immediately, you


1. Pay by check or money order. The enclosed membership dues invoice may be

completed and returned with your payment and/or additional contributions. This dues

invoice can also be found on the LWA website under the membership tab, and can be

downloaded, printed, completed and returned. It is also on the back of the LWA


2. Pay by credit card. LWA now has the ability to process credit card payments, and will

absorb the small fee that the credit card companies charge for this service. See the

“Method of Payment” section on the invoice form.

3. Set up an automatic payment plan using your credit card. With this option, the LWA

will bill your credit card once a year for your membership dues along with any additional

donation you wish to make, until you notify the LWA of a change. See the “Sustaining

Membership” section on the invoice form.

Membership dues are applied to the year in which your payment is received by the LWA. For

example, if dues are paid in 2020, whether in January or December, they are considered

membership dues for 2020. LWA would benefit most if dues were paid early in the year rather

later. This allows the LWA to be financially ready to react to any issue (s) that may need

immediate funding or action.

Remember that the Lake Washburn Association is a registered 501(c)(3), and both dues and any

additional contributions to the General Fund or the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Fund are taxdeductible.

Check with your tax advisor for more information.

Your ongoing support of the LWA through your annual dues and contributions helps ensure that

our lake and its environment will be protected to be enjoyed by future generations.

If you have any questions regarding your membership status or the invoice payment methods,

please contact me.

Glen Goodwin

Vice President, Lake Washburn Association

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P. O. Box 26
Outing, MN 56662

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