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Meeting Minutes 

LWA Board Meeting Minutes 7-9-22

Held at CLT Fire Hall meeting room


Members present:  Ross Lindmeyer, Glen Goodwin, Kathy Pfaff, Vicki Lipstreuter, Scott Erickson, Charlie McGlynn, Ron Reich, Susan Tyra, Lisa McCloud, Teresa Reding, Janis Judd, Pat Maranda

Absent:  Jim Patterson, Dave Patterson, Mark Wolf

Meeting called to order at 9:10 am by president Ross Lindmeyer

Pre-approval of minutes from 6-1-22 meeting motion made – Janis will email minutes to board later today


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Kathy emailed report to board prior to meeting, she did renew the LWA CD with Pine River State Bank at a higher rate.  Scott/Ron made a motion to approve treasurer’s report as presented – motion carried.

  2. AIS – Freshwater will start the survey of our lake 7-18-22. Ross indicated he will pass on using the Cass County nets right now (to test/capture AIS) – too much of a hassle to get going for this year. The boat landing inspector reports decon of boats is up this year – especially muskee fishermen that go from lake to lake are using decon regularly.  Glen reports weed mass complaints on E lake – we could hire someone to cut (very expensive) – a resident Is concerned it is starry stonewart – most likely the same matting plant found last year, that is a natural plant/not AIS – jet skis have been overheating when driving thru it

  3. Boat monitoring – Ross and Susan attended Crooked Lake Township (CLT) Lakes and Shores committee meeting.  Ross spoke to Dave (our boat landing inspector) and he confirmed zebra mussels are in Big Thunder Lake.  Dave stated many folks are coming from Big thunder lake to Washburn to fish this year.  Ross handed out two ZEMU traps at the membership meeting in June, he has 3 or 4 more yet – Teresa will take one to put on her dock on West basin, Lisa will talk to a friend about putting one on dock near entrance/channel to North basin.  We have 2 ZEMU traps on East lake basin now.  August 20th is the Lion’s Corn Feed event – CLT Lakes & Shores committee will have a booth and so will RALALA.  CLT booth Grand prize is Minnkota trolling motor this year (possibly 2). The Army Corps of Engineers will have a booth where they do transfers to t-shirts that the kids have colored – very popular & draws lots of families to their booth.  Ross asked if he could use the bullhorn.  Mark, CLT council president, will be talking about budget cuts at the meeting this Wednesday pm meeting.

  4. Water Patrol – Pat talked to Cass County Sheriff Deputy Bob – the boat patrol meeting was canceled due to scheduling issues and has not been rescheduled.  Cass County Sheriff department is dealing with budget cuts also.  Vicki said she is doing the water patrol scheduling week to week.  Scott asked about what is involved in being a water patrol volunteer – Vicki told him “it is mostly about water safety, we’re the eyes on the lake for the Sheriff.  The boat patrol can report names and boat numbers to the Sheriff if someone is not operating their craft safely.”

  5. Database/Membership/Communication – Glen reports we have 292 members as of today.  100 general fund donations and 127 AIS fund donations.  Comparing 2021 to 2022 – we have 26 who are not members this year that were members last year – Glen will be contacting them.  The goal is to have 300 memberships this year.  Our email opening rate is high – right around 60% with quite a few clicks to the newsletter, our website or the DNR linked site.  Glen can send a second email to folks who didn’t open original email.  Our sustaining members are in high 40’s for number this year.

  6. Buoys – Teresa reports more buoys are moving around than ever! Storms are having an adverse effect on buoy staying in place this year – Teresa and her husband moved a buoy back in place on W lake by Iowa camp/rock pile that had moved.  Dave Braun also moved some buoys back in place (his boat was one that was damaged in recent storm).  Glen & Vicki have had reports about buoys through the Nextdoor app, our LWA facebook site and emails which they forward to Teresa & Dave.  Buoys are all GPS coordinate marked. Discussion held about the narrows/channel into N basin being a “no wake zone”.   Maybe we should talk to the Sheriff about a nighttime (solar lighted) safety buoy to mark the channel instead of a “no wake zone”.  Cass Co Sheriff Burch is retiring this year.  The Sheriff did a tour of our lake and marked the buoy locations this past year and talked to Teresa.  Pat will talk to Deputy Bob about safety buoy for N channel entry and Scott will talk to the Sheriff also.  Kathy asked if we would like to give Olds a gift card to a gas station as we had last year.  Glen/Teresa made a motion to give a $300 gas gift card to Olds – motion carried.  Motion made to get 4 LED safety buoys for N channel by Ross/Scott – motion carried.  

  7. Loons, Wildlife – Lisa reports one person counted 13 loon babies, she has personally seen 10 loon babies.  The loon platform she put out near the boy scout camp this year was used – this means a new pair of loons on our lake and has two chicks!  The Loon Center building will break ground next spring but not completed until 2024 in Crosslake.  You can sign up to take an educational pontoon ride on Crosslake still,

Next Tuesday at 1:30 pm, the Outing Seniors will have a speaker from the Loon Center at their meeting at CLT hall – all are welcome.  

  1.  Webmaster – Kathy said she added pictures from the fishing competition.  She will be putting up the 4th of July boat parade pics next.  Dan Laasko shared baby loon pictures that she has added to our LWA home page.

  2. Newsletter – Susan shared the next cycle starts in August with the newsletter set to go out in October – it is usually a little slimmer edition in the fall.  Ross has heard many compliments on the newsletter.  Discussion held about doing hard copy/mailed vs. emailed newsletter.  RALALA only does an electronic newsletter.  Glen says Lakes Printing does a Postal survey to help us use the most current addresses – only 4 newsletters returned this Spring.  

  3. Water Quality – Charlie went out with Dave Snesrud 3 weeks ago, will be going out again in 2 weeks – he has been learning a lot from Dave and plans to transition by next summer.

  4. Lake Level – Susan shared that the DNR sets the long gauge at their dock, her husband Rick looks at it every Monday – the water has been going down slowly so far

  5. Fisheries – Vicki talked to John Harris and brainstormed developing a “Fisheries Fund” to stock the lake, set a goal for member donations and then part of that goal would be that LWA would put in “_____” dollars from general fund to pay for stocking.  Scott shared information about tracking the yearly electro fishing results – if frylings aren’t naturally increasing, then we need to ‘trip’ the private stocking event every 3 years.  Discussion held.  John would do a separate newsletter article about this alternative proposition – private stocking would be in 2024.  Glen/Charlie made a motion to establish an unrestricted fisheries fund – motion carried with one nay vote.   Campaign slogan could be “Fund a fish”!  Charlie suggested the fund could be called “Walleye Wallet”.  Lake Mary in Emily stocks their own lake because the DNR deemed them unsuccessful for its program.


  1. Review 2022 goals/tasks

  1. Speakers Dana Gutzman – Cass County & Nicole Kovar – DNR will be presenting at our August meeting.  For next Spring – Ross talked about having someone from Minnesota Pollution Control speak about the “get the lead out program” and Scott asked about having someone from MN Lakes & Rivers as a speaker.

  2. Ice cream social. – Kathy is ordering the ice cream, Vicki asked Ron if his pontoon was available – Ron said YES.  Vicki ordered spiny water flea clothes to put in the hand out bags.  At 4 pm – weather and ice cream supply permitting – the ice cream social will go to the campground

  3. Get the Lead Out (GTLO) drop boxes at the DNR  boat launch site – Ross will get it set up very soon,  need to work on bigger signage for the CLT drop site

  4. Fishing Tourney – thank you Pat for letting us use your property for the event, thanks to Glen & Vicki for all their help and thank you to the 25 volunteers that made the day possible.  33 fish were brought in by 12 anglers – 17 kids participated in the day’s events – everyone enjoyed it, served ice cream,  lots of stations with activities – every station had a prize.  If the kids watched how to fillet a fish – they got a special prize -  some kiddos participated in ‘hand over hand’ demos for fish filleting.  Discussion held about date to hold it next year – maybe move to later in July.  Vicki proposes we try the 3rd or 4th weekend of July – 3rdweekend is always Emily Day.  Pat says his land is available for the event as long as he lives there!  Scott/Vicki make a motion to move the youth fishing tourney event to July 22nd for 2023 – motion carried.

  1. Other

  1. Volunteers – Scott states he has 5 on his shoreline restoration committee now including new volunteer Susan Henken/Thielen – they will take the MN Lakes & Rivers training & then hold a committee meeting to develop a plan for Lake Washburn.  Discussion held about how do we engage more people?

  2. Discuss storage site for LWA items. – Vicki is asking permission to explore storage units as an option – board agreed for her to gather info

Other Business

  1. Review of Board member re-elections 

Ron/Lisa made a motion to adjourn – motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 11:14 am

Respectfully submitted, 

Janis Judd - secretary

LWA Board Meeting via Zoom - June 1, 2022

Present:  Glen, Vicki, Ross, Ron, Susan, Kathy, Pat, Teresa, Lisa, David, Jim, Janis

Absent:  Mark, Charlie, Scott

Guests:  Bob Eddy – RALALA

Meeting called to order at 7:07 pm by president Ross Lindmeyer

Approval of minutes from 5-11-22 meeting – Janis emailed to everyone prior to Zoom meeting -  Ron/Vicki made a motion to approve minutes as presented – motion carried.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Kathy emailed to everyone, new CD purchased.  Vicki/Ron made a motion to accept report as presented – motion carried

  2. AIS:   Glen reports LWA did our legal duty to post that we might do treatment in late summer in our newsletter.  Ross asked about of plankton nets thru Cass County – discussion held.  CLT Land & Shores committee might be purchasing nets we could use.  Vicki ordered spiny water flea towels from ACCL – waiting for the invoice.  Bob Eddy shared that Lloyd says the CLT AIS committee will be holding off on net purchase and implantation.

  3. Boat monitoring:  Ross reports Cass County is allowing individual lake associations to pay for additional inspector hours.  Glen asked if we do hire inspectors outside of current hours if they would be paid from AIS fund.  The county pays $18/hour – we would pay $24/hour.  Discussion held including information about a third source of funding Ross says.

  4. Water Patrol:  Pat reports the Deputy Sherriff stopped by last week to drop off literature and to remind everyone to stop wakes due to high water.  Ross found a study done by the U of M detailing wake boat effects on shorelines.  Discussion held 

  5. Database/Membership/Communication report:  Glen shared we have 282 members currently, 53 are sustaining members, 98 have given additional funds to general fund, 123 have given extra to AIS fund.  We have a 65% opening rate on email blasts.  Lakes Printing has offered a link to a “flip page viewer” for reading our newsletter online (free to us as a special client!). 

  6. Buoys:  Teresa reports some buoys are missing, Brian Olds has not been able to get buoys in yet, haven’t heard from David Braun about his success on finding missing buoys.

  7. Loons:  Lisa saw one platform being used for nesting

  8. Webmaster:  Kathy is keeping the site updated, did post that the buoys weren’t out yet 

  9. Newsletter:  great job everyone

  10. Water Quality:  no report from Dave Snesrud, Charlie will not be able to work with Dave until late in the season due to family health issues, Mark Wolf and two others are pitching in to help Charlie

  11. Lake Level:  no report from Rick

  12. Fisheries:  John did a great job putting together a report for the board and will bring to the membership meeting this coming Saturday

  13. Insurance Committee:  D & O application status – no report from Jim, Kathy says the premium was paid last fall – nothing has been changed


  1. Speakers for June membership meeting:  Glen contacted suggested people – all busy.  For the August meeting – Dana Gutzman & Nicole Kovar will be there to present on how the DNR works with lake associations.

  2. Shoreline Restoration initiative committee:  Scott reports that he & his wife have hired Prairie Restorations to start their shoreline project – Scott’s place is in Muechow bay.  Ross says looks like plants are doing well at the Outing Docks & Luscher’s Park project sites.  This spring there is new signage in place to educate and inform the public about the project.

  3. LWA booth at Lion’s Corn Feed:  Ross asked the board if we would like to do a booth – goal to educate youth about AIS.  Bob Eddy shared that RALALA picked up 6 new members last year at the booth/Lion’s Corn Feed event.  Maybe put both lake associations together in one booth – no fee for booth if you shuck some corn for the Lion’s to help with event.  The date is August 20th, 2022.  Discussion held

  4. Get the Lead Out drop boxes at public landing – Ross also says CLT will accept lead tackle during manned garbage collection hours.  Ross picked up the PVC pieces to make the drop off unit for the boat landing. Janis/Vicki made a motion to have Ross build the “Get the Lead Out” PVC units – motion carried.  Glen suggested adding a unit at Mogren’s boat launch area also

  5. Fishing Challenge Update:  Ross says his wife will help stuff the goodie bags, Vicki has been in contact with the volunteers & made packets for the kiddos.  Posters are already up – printed free by Lakes Printing.  Lisa said Mark will help put up the posters around town and 12 other businesses are donating prizes.  There will be root beer floats to enjoy that day too!  Let Vicki know if anyone (including yourself) want to help out with the event.

Other Business

  1.  Glen shared that there are 2 welcome packets Susan has tried multiple times to deliver – both are actually members this year,  one new property owner this year so far - sale pending

  2. Open discussion regarding membership meeting this Saturday -  presentation by John Harris with fisheries plan.  Discussion held if meeting should be held as scheduled due to late ice out, storms, etc. facing lake property owners.  Plan is 9:30 am for snacks, coffee, etc.  10 am start of membership meeting on June 4th.

  3. Misc:  

  1. Decon proceedures for any company working on the lake – Ross brings up how do we know these service companies are using decon sites?  CLT Land & Shores committee is promoting the “5 stars program” developed by Cass County – Dana Gutzman DNR rep.

  2. New LWA feather flag arrived and Vicki showed it to us J

  3. Proposed changes to LWA by-laws:  1) make wording more inclusive – allow for electronic voting; 2) board authorized spending limit – raise to $1,000 ; 3) Zoom meetings – allows for more flexibility.

Other Business – none

Motion to adjourn made by Ron/Pat – motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted,

Janis Judd - Secretary                  

LWA Membership Meeting June 4, 2022

Held at Crooked Lake Township Hall


Meeting called to order at 10:10 am by President Ross Lindmeyer.  26 members present

Old Business

  1. Approval of Minutes from August 14, 2021 Membership meeting were available to read.  Motion to accept minutes as presented made by Tom Brinkman/Pat Maranda.  Motion carried.

  2. Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Glen Goodwin shared Kathy Pfaff’s report in her absence.  Motion to approve treasurer’s report as presented made by Dave Judd/John Harris.  Motion carried.

  2. AIS Summary:  Ross reported that we (LWA) work with Cass County, Crooked Lake Township Land & Shores committee, and the DNR to use grants available to us to pay for yearly survey and treatments as needed.  The plan for this year’s lake survey and treatment haven’t changed too much – the survey will take place at the end of July and treatment in September if needed.  

1.  Cass County supported boat monitoring at the public landing – boat inspectors there every weekend in summer with extended hours this year and now offer lake associations the opportunity to pay inspector for additional hours.

2.  Wake Dynamics Study – done by the University of Minnesota (U of M) last October.  Glen shared that the study is available to watch and information in print is available from the U of M.  This information is included in our LWA Spring newsletter – the survey concluded that wake boats need to stay 500 feet away from shore/structures.  The purpose of the report was education for all lake users. Two more surveys will be done – one, hopefully this year, is a column study; and the third phase is a study of specific damage to lakeshore.

C.  Lake Stewardship Initiative:  Ross shared on behalf of Scott Erickson – this is a newer committee formed to help all residents to protect and improve their shoreline.  A good example of shoreline restoration is Outing Public Dock area and Luscher’s Park.  Sue Gable shared that they are getting burned wood debris floating into Iowa Camp beach.

D.  Building Community:  Vicki Lipstreuter shared upcoming activities planned – 

1.  Ice Cream Social will go to the campground at 4 pm (weather and supply permitting)

2.  Youth Fishing Challenge is June 25th hosted by Pat and Julie Maranda – children can fish all morning, weigh in is at 1 pm, only Northern Pike fish

E.  Membership Communication:  Glen shared that the Spring newsletter is out, hard copies in the mail and email version has a “flip book viewer” for us to use to read the newsletter.  Tom Brinkman thanked the newsletter team for producing an excellent newsletter.   We currently have 285 members with over 50 sustaining members.

III.  New Business

  1.  Get the Lead Out (GTLO) drop boxes:  Ross informed the membership this program is in conjunction with CLT Lakes & Shores committee and the MN Pollution Control Agency – loons ingest the lead and it kills them.  During manned hours at the CLT garbage/recycling area you can turn in your lead fishing tackle/shot/sinkers.  At the boat landing we will also have a PVC container soon for drop off of lead – look for it near the monofilament disposal tube.  

  2. Proposed changes to by-laws:  Vicki shared we would like to add these items to update the by-laws so they reflect our current needs/practices.

  1.  Electronic Voting

  2. Board authorized spending limit – increase to $1,000.00 

  3. Zoom format for board meetings

Teresa Redding asked about how people would feel about doing one meeting per year vs two meetings.  

  1.  Presentation – Lake Management Fishery Plan – John Harris

John shared that he, Glen Goodwin, Bob Holman, and Scott Erickson met with the DNR recently.  The article in our Spring newsletter had a typo – should read 17 “ or larger walleye not 17 pound or larger walleye!  The DNR has been involved on Lake Washburn for over 100 years - sporadically stocking and testing whenever they had the opportunity.  DNR records show they stocked our lake in 1913.  Harold Czaier met with the DNR and started our current  fisheries program with our first stocking in 2005.  The DNR stocks walleye fryling in even numbered years, test for results – annually by electro fishing and gill netting every 3 years;  monitor the Northern population.  Possible changes coming from the DNR – an increased creel limit for Notherns, Electro fish for Bass in the Spring if DNR resources are available, allow LWA to do supplemental stocking every 3 years.  

Supplemental stocking considerations: 

            Current level of DNR stocking not proven to increase walleye fishery

            DNR unwilling to exceed state stocking guidelines

            DNR only stocks frylings

            Stocked fish that survive may increase natural reproduction

            Will require LWA membership and board approval 

            LWA funds to purchase fingerlings

John’s recommendation – approve funding of additional stocking, first year we could stock would be 2024, after two stockings – evaluate to see if supplemental stocking is working and continue/discontinue accordingly.  Sue Gable says we should consider asking members/property owners to donate to a “stocking the lake” fund – lots of frustrated fishermen around here.  John stated that our Perch population is very low, but ciscos/tulibe are present and help us out in feeding the larger fish.

Meeting adjourned at 11:29 am

Minutes respectfully submitted,

Secretary – Janis Judi

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