LWA  Board Meeting Minutes for 9-11-21

Meeting took place via ZOOM


Members present:  Glen Goodwin, Vicki Lipstreuer, Janis Judd, Ross Lindmeyer, Ron Reich, Kathy Pfaff, Susan Tyra, Charlie McGlynn, Pat Maranda, Scott Erickson, David Patterson, Mark Wolf, Lisa McCloud, and Teresa Reding

Absent:  Jim Patterson

Visitors:  Bob Eddy – RALALA 


Meeting called to order at 9:03 am by President Ross Lindmeyer after a moment of silence to remember the 20thanniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9-11

Minutes of 8-11-21 Board meeting were emailed to all board members – no additions or changes noted – Motion for minutes to be approved made by Ron/Vicki – motion carried.

  1. Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Kathy emailed a copy to everyone.  Glen commented that he likes the line item of $100 income from Amazon Smile.  Scott Erickson made a motion to remove Ronald Reich, President and Greg Gilbertson, Treasurer, from the Lake Washburn Association checking account, savings account, CD, and lock box at Pine River State Bank and add Ross Lindmeyer, President, Glen Goodwin, Vice-president, and Kathryn Pfaff, Treasurer to the Lake Washburn Association checking account, savings account, CD and lock box at Pine River State Bank.   Motion was seconded by Vicki Lipstreuer.  Motion carried.  Vicki/Charlie made a motion to accept treasurer’s report – motion carried.

  2. AIS Update:  Ross reports that milfoil is really under control.  On Thursday, September 9th – PLM did the treatment, of the area milfoil was found this year, at a cost of $660.00 and used a new product Prusella.

  3. Boat Monitoring:  Ross talked about the “Get the lead out” project – at the Lion’s Corn Feed 27 pounds of lead sinkers etc. were turned in – awesome success!  Ross will work on a lead collection unit similar to the PVC tube Bob Holman made for the collection of monofilament line to be placed at the boat landing and the same system will be near the Crooked Lake Town Hall by the garbage and recycling bins in Outing.  Lisa asked who will be responsible for cleaning out these tubes.  Ross states he can take the lead to the Bloomington Hazardous Waste collection site so it is properly disposed of.  Dana, at Cass County, would probably be the person to authorize the use of this collection device at the Lake Washburn boat landing.

  4. Water Patrol:  Pat had nothing to report.  Everything went well this year and Labor Day weekend was the last boat patrol for the season.

  5. Database:  Glen reports we have 283 members – a good robust number.  He has 380 email recipients and a 60% email opening rate

  6. Buoys:  Teresa reports she has 8 buoys that have been adopted – all in the West basin.  She talked to several people at the meeting who might be interested in adopting a buoy.  Scott said he will adopt buoys #14,15,16 – they might be adopted already.  Glen said Olds is starting to pull buoys from the lake and thinks probably all the buoys will be pulled by the end of next week.  

  7. Loons:  Lisa & Ross were able to retrieve a platform and move it to the N basin.  Ross asked if we have enough platforms – Lisa feels it might be a good number as it is better for loons to use natural nesting spots if at all possible.

  8. Webmaster:  Kathy reports there is not much that is new.  Lisa sent some cute new pictures that Kathy will post and she will update the minutes and financials on our web page also.

  9. Newsletter:  Susan reports she has 7 new volunteers.  Articles are due September 23rd for the Fall newsletter.  

  10. Water Quality:  no report from Dave Snesrud.  Charlie volunteered to ‘take up the torch’ if Dave Snesrud is unable to do the water testing any longer.  Bob Eddy shared that RALALA partners with WAPOA to offset the costs of water quality testing – they use RMB testing labs exclusively. 

  11. Lake Level:  Rick will have an article and report in the Fall newsletter

  12. Fisheries:  John Harris – look for the report in the Fall newsletter

  13. Insurance Committee:  Ron reports he has had no news from Jim on the D&O application status.  Kathy stated that the policy we have now renews in November.  

  1. Planning

  1.  Review 2021 Goals/Tasks:  Scott asked if any actions have been taken due to water quality.  Bob Eddy shared that we are all part of the Pine River Watershed and they put forth recommendations – actions taken:  septic systems, lawn fertilizers, etc. 

Additional LWA logo merchandise:  Vicki states she is not excited to add additional logo merchandise.  LWA could look into tree sapling sales as a new fundraising idea.  Glen would like to change to electronic voting – discussion held.  Vicki and David discuss the need to change our bylaws to include electronic voting.  Glen presented meeting survey results.  Discussion was held about holding board meetings on weeknights via ZOOM.  Bob Eddy shared that RALALA also holds their board meetings on weeknights via ZOOM.  Glen will email board members to ascertain the weekday evening each prefers and come up with a day.  Vicki asked how we would respond 

Glen said he would share meeting survey comments and questions presented to all LWA members – he might share a few responses directly, but most will be covered in a newsletter article.

  1. New Plans/Tasks for 2021/22:  Audit Procedure – Scott and Mark have 95% of the procedure in place – they will contact Kathy and in meet sometime in October.  

Shoreline Restoration Project:  a committee is forming consisting of 4 members as of now

LWA booth at the Lion’s Corn Feed:  Ross asked if we would like to do this for next year.  Vicki asked what is the goal for us having a booth?  Ross views it as an educational platform – maybe pick one ‘priority’ project to push each year.

Ordering new LWA merchandise: tabled

Lead Drop Boxes:  “Get the lead out” campaign collection site at boat landing/campground area

Youth Fishing Tournament:  thanks to Glen & Vicki for the “save the date” brochures and to Pat for offering the spot to have the event next summer.  Will need to explore getting one or two Porta-Potties for the event – date is 6/25/22

III.        Other Business:

    A.     Feedback from members – already discussed/touched on that

    B.     Loon Platform update – Lisa still working on getting a platform to M. Leger

    C.     Audit Proceedure -  already covered in today’s meeting and minutes

    D.      Welcome Packets – Glen developed a map, but Susan hasn’t needed to      implement calling on Board members to help take their ‘slice’ of the map for

 welcoming new property owners

    E.       Floating Ice Cream Social – Feedback – had 50 boats total including the Sheriff’s     boat, handed out 276 ice cream treats on the water and 48 ice cream treats

 at the campground.  Look for the upcoming article and pictures in the Northland Press

    F.      Other – Discussion on creating a $500 discretionary fund – discussion held – conclusion – no need for this

Feather Flag purchase: Vicki found some blank flags & Shirley H. would iron on the LWA logo and information for free.  Vicki asked if we could buy 3 flags – 2 for the fishing challenge and 1 for the ice cream social.  Cost is about $30 per flag.  Ross knows of a place in Longville that did the loon banner for CLT very reasonably. 

Campground brochure holder:  already up – newsletters are being taken

Adopt Electronic Voting:  already covered in today’s meeting

Value of having 2 membership meetings per year:  discussion held – consensus – stick with two meetings.

G.      2022 Calendar:  We need to continue to reach out to membership to volunteer for committees and events.  Vicki suggest we reach out to our neighbors to find their strengths/interests and ask for help.  Teresa asked about the Peninsula Road tornado siren – is it not working?  Kathy shared that the County is waiting on a part to update it/get it working again.


Motion to adjourn made by Ron/Teresa at 10:45 am – motion carried


Respectfully submitted,

Janis Judd

LWA Secretary

LWA Board Meeting Minutes

July 10,2021


Members present:  Ron Reich, Glen Goodwin, Kathy Pfaff, Vicki Lipstreuer, Susan Tyra, Ross Lindmeyer, Mark Wolf, Pat Maranda, Janis Judd, Teresa Reding

Visitors:  Bob – RALALA,  Rollie Hirman

Absent:  David Patterson, Mathias Peterson, Jim Patterson, Lisa McCloud


Meeting called to order at 9:01 am at Crooked Lake Town Hall


Minutes from 6-19-21 board zoom meeting were emailed prior to this meeting – Vicki/Ross make a motion to accept minutes as presented – motion carried



  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Kathy emailed prior to this meeting.  Kathy stated she got a gas certificate from Holiday in Emily for Brian Olds (Outing Gas station couldn’t get her one).  Glen/Pat make a motion to accept treasurer’s report – motion carried.  Kathy asks for input – in the past we have given a donation to the University of MN Acquatic Invasive Species Research (MAISRC), been members of Pine River Watershed Alliance and Conservation MN – should we renew/donate again?  Vicki/Scott make a motion to donate $200 to MAISRC – motion carried.  Glen/Jan make a motion to renew membership in Pine River Watershed Alliance at a cost of $200 – motion carried.  Board decided not to donate/renew with Conservation MN at this time.  Scott had a question if the area between West and North Basins – the narrows – could be declared a “no wake zone”.  Vicki will forward Sheriff contact info to Scott for him to follow up on this issue.

  2. AIS:   Ross reports a full lake survey will be done the 3rd week of July

  3. Boat Monitoring:  Ross stated the inspectors have shared that everyone has been helpful and compliant at the boat landing.  July 4th weekend the Decontamination station was broken – it is fixed now.  Decon. Station banner will change to reflect the new push to “Get the Lead Out”.  Discussion held

  4. Water Patrol:  Pat reports it is going well, average 25 boat interactions each time patrol is out,  need to ask Land O’ Lakes Marine if they are decontaminating the Sheriff boat  before we place in lake

  5. Membership:  Glen reports we have 276 members as of today – discussion held; email blasts and emails still showing a 65% opening rate with 15% click rate to open newsletter

  6. Buoys:  Teresa reports all buoys are accounted for and in correct places.  Daggett Brook inlet buoy is in place.  One person has ‘adopted’ a buoy.  Dave Braun has been realigning buoys as needed.  Discussion held

  7. Loons, Wildlife:  Vicki got information from Lisa that she has talked to DNR and has found out we are to register our loon platforms bi-annually as you do a floating swim dock with a fee included.  Discussion held regarding platforms.  John from National Loon Center in Cross Lake will be at our August Annual Membership meeting with a table to present information to interested members

  8. Website:  Kathy has added a “photo of the week” section – now waiting to see if members share new pictures.  She received many pictures of the boat parade – which are posted on the website – parade included 62 boats, 2 kayaks, and 6 jet skis this year.

  9. Newsletter:  Susan reports we still need more help – please talk to neighbors and lake friends to ask about interest.  She has a job description ready – Kathy will post it on the website and Susan will share it with board via email today.  Teresa asked about using a person looking for an internship opportunity.   Discussion held.  Ron will add a plea for help to members at August meeting

  10. Water Quality:  Dave Snesrud is still doing the testing for LWA.  Kathy has not had an invoice from RMB – Ron will reach out to Dave and Linda to make sure everything is going ok.

  11. Lake level:  Rick has done the measurements for 12 weeks now – our water level has dropped 18 inches

  12. Fisheries:  No report

  13.  Insurance:  Jim still working with agency(ies) – no quote to share yet



  1. Review 2021 modified goals/tasks:  see below – Discussion held, board concurred - all good

  2. Kids Fishing Contest:  Virtual?  Ross feels we might need to put this event on hold until we have a location secured.  Lisa also shared with Vicki that she would like to postpone this event until next year.  Discussion held

  3. Other:  Online voting – Glen sent email blast last year for write in candidates before actual online voting occurred.  Glen needs to start emails this week if this is our choice again for voting.  Discussion held.  Glen will add “tic” mark for extending term limits on ballot for secretary and directors - Glen, Jim, Mathias


Other Business

  1. Annual meeting August 14th – see agenda below. There will be no minutes from last year’s meeting due to CoVid meeting cancellation.  We will have a presentation from Aaron Soltau, Prairie Restorations about Shoreline Restoration Projects such as the Outing Docks Projects and RALALA members Bob  and Anne will be present to answer questions also

  2. Membership Categories/Changes – tabled

  3. Welcome Packets:  distributed by directors – discussion held, feedback encouraged

  4. Audit Proceedure:  Scott Erickson will contact Kathy and develop an audit procedure

  5. Floating Ice Cream Social:  Saturday, Sept. 4th at 2 pm – Vicki says it’s a go!

  6. Other:  next board meeting will be a ZOOM meeting on Wednesday, August 11th at 7 pm

With LWA General Meeting on Saturday, August 14th at 10 am – CLT town hall


Motion to adjourn made by Mark/Teresa  at 10:55 am – motion carried

Minutes respectfully submitted,

Janis Judd


LWA Board Meeting Minutes

for May 8, 2021


Members present:  Ron Reich, Glen Goodwin, Kathy Pfaff, Janis Judd, Charlie McGlynn, Susan Tyra, Mark Wolf, Teresa Reding, Mathias Peterson, Lisa McCloud, Jim Patterson, Vicki Lipstreuer

Members absent:  Ross Lindmeyer, Scott Erikson, Pat Maranda, Dave Patterson

Visitors:  Bob Eddy – RALALA 


Meeting called to order at 9:04 am by president Ron Reich via Zoom

Approval of minutes from 9-12-20 board meeting motion made by Vicki/Charlie – carried



  1. Treasurer’s Report – (emailed to board members/see attached) Kathy moved $30,000 into savings account from checking account to get a little more interest.  CD rates are really low right now – no point in putting funds into a CD right now.   Motion to approve treasurer’s report made by Vicki/Susan – motion carried.

  2. AIS – update on the AIS/CLT payments for LWA work: Ross was unable to attend ZOOM meeting today due to technical difficulties with Zoom.  Glen reported that Ross will send a detailed report to board members. Ross applied for a $1,500 DNR grant and we were approved.  Freshwater will do our lake survey and PLM will do any AIS treatment as needed – as in past year.  Look for detailed AIS report in Spring newsletter

  3. Boat monitoring:  Donna is our new AIS technician.  No information from CLT AIS committee from Ross.  Planning to have Freshwater do AIS survey in July after weeds grow.

  4. Water Patrol:  Vicki reports Pat talked to Deputy Laderville (Cass County Sheriff) and we will do water patrol again this summer.  Patrol boat will be stored at Land O’Lakes Marine.  Water Patrols will start Memorial Day weekend

  5. Database/Membership/Communication:  Glen reports we have 260 members as of today all due to January invoices sent out.  75 donations given to general fund, 108 donations given to AIS fund with membership payments.  Last year membership topped at 299 total.  Two email blasts will go out soon – one for road clean-up and one for membership renewal reminder.  

  6. Buoys:  Adopt-a-buoy – Teresa shared we should look for information in Spring newsletter, we have permission from Cass County Sheriff Burch to pursue our program – people would just monitor buoys for major movement and report to Dave Braun or Teresa.  

  7. Loons, Wildlife:  Lisa reports the Loon Center won’t be completed until 2024 even though groundbreaking is this Spring.  Discussion held about LWA loon nest platforms, who puts them out, need to update list, etc.  RALALA has no organized loon platform program as lake has many islands for loons to nest on.

  8. Website:  Kathy welcomes new ideas for content

  9. Newsletter:  Susan indicated chairperson(s) still needed for newsletter production.  Writers are all on track with providing articles for Spring newsletter.

  10. Water Quality/Lake Level:  look for Dave Snesrud’s article/report in Spring newsletter

  11. Fisheries:  John Harris and Lisa chatted – no new report from DNR but look for his article in Spring newsletter

  12. Insurance Committee:  Jim looking into various companies/getting quotes from various agencies to see if we just want to renew current policy or change.  Also need to look into an officers and directors policy


  1. Review 2021 modified goals/tasks: (see attached). Glen suggests we identify goals in progress, those that have been achieved, those tabled, and/or inactive goals.  Vicki suggests we add a ‘status’ to each goal(done, in progress, tabled, etc).  Discussion held.  Glen/Lisa made a motion to donate $200 to the Loon Center – motion carried.

  2. Posting Minutes on Website:  posting of minutes to website starting May 2021

Other Business

  1. Membership categories/changes:  Vicki reports this task is in progress/on hold – related to by-laws task.

  2. Welcome Packets:  Susan asks for directors to help deliver packets to new property owners in own neighborhood if she is unable to make contact.  Last year there were 27 property transfers – many were inter-family transfers.  Three property transfers so far this year.  

  3. Shoreline Reclamation:  Ross & Scott should coordinate their efforts – no report, look for article in Spring newsletter

  4. Floating Ice Cream Social:  board decided to continue this summer activity

  5. Other:  Susan asked Bob Eddy from RALALA about the “Eyelids” program – it is a camera system at public boat landings, RALALA uses at both boat landings, cost about $10,000 just to set up.  Video is good quality, triggered by ‘mass’ sensor, information stored in the cloud, ability to view camera, audit, etc.  RALALA has them for times when DNR inspectors are not at boat launch – also has audio to remind folks to check their boats for vegetation, etc.  They have noticed a lot of boats come in and out every single day.

Glen shared that the online voting from August general meeting worked very well.  Should we adopt this – think about this – was easy to set up and use.


Next board meeting will be June 19th at 9 am on Zoom. No membership meeting on June 19th due to continued CoVid restrictions and CDC guidelines.

Charlie/Jim motion to adjourn at 10:23 am – motion carried.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Secretary

Janis Judd

LWA Board Meeting Minutes for September 12, 2020

Zoom Meeting


Meeting called to order at 9:08 am by President Ron Reich


Members present:  Glen Goodwin, Kathy Pfaff, Ross Lindmeyer, Lisa McCloud, Mark Wolf, Ron Reich, Susan Tyra, Charlie McGlynn, Teresa Reding, Mathias Peterson, Janis Judd, Scott Erickson, Vicki Lipstreuer

Members absent:  Dave Patterson, Jim Patterson, Pat Maranda

Guests:  Linda Von Straton, Bob Eddy – RALALA Board members

Approval of minutes from August 8, 2020 (Janis emailed minutes to all board members) motion to approve minutes as presented made by Lisa/Glen – motion carried


Election Results:  Glen reports voting went well.  81 vote entries/13 were duplicates/68 validated votes – note for future if use online voting – make it clear only one vote per membership household.  Vote data available on LWA website – all comments for public view


  1. Reports. 

  1.  Treasurer’s Report:  (see attached) Kathy stated 475.00 memorial monies for Ted Johnson being kept separate as noted.  $1,081.06 apparel sales profit will be moved to AIS fund next month along with cap sale profits not yet listed on treasurer’s report

  2. AIS:  Ross updated board that the Crooked Lake Township (CLT) AIS grant monies paid for the lake survey and from the grant, we still have $1,100 to put toward EWM treatment – LWA will need to pay for remainder from our AIS fund.  Ross encouraged all to go look at Luscher’s Park shoreline restoration planting – he would like to present similar project to LWA for 2021 and get Boy Scouts involved.  Discussion held about boat landing inspectors being present all scheduled weekends.

  3. Boat monitoring/Township AIS:  Ross covered above

  4. Water Patrol/Not active this year:  Pat/Vicki – no report

  5. Database/Membership/Communication report:  Glen reports 295 members as of today

  6. Buoys:  Teresa talked to Sheriff Burch this week about “Adopt A Buoy” program, he will make a topical map and get it to Teresa.  Discussion held about how “adopt a buoy” program would work – Dave Braun would still be our contact person for all buoy concerns.  

  7. Loons/Wildlife:  Lisa took out loon nesting platform on Birch Bay, saw broken eggs.  She also observed 8 immature loons flying together – getting strength and practice for migration.  No report of bear sightings.  Active squirrels – dropping/throwing acorns at people!

  8. Webmaster:  Kathy added this year’s AIS treatment information and will add ice cream social pictures soon

  9. Newsletter:  Susan reports newsletter produced by a team; team needs articles for Fall newsletter by Oct. 5thand then newsletter will be sent to printer in early November

  10. Water Quality/Lake Level:  Dave Snesrud – no report – look for information in Fall newsletter

  11. Fisheries:  John Harris no report – Lisa talked to John, DNR might be doing a survey soon

  12. Insurance:  Jim emailed Ron – he and Vicki still filling out required forms to get a quote from company – Ron will follow up with Jim and email board with more information as it becomes available


II.  Planning

  1.  Review 2020 Goals/Tasks:  refer to September attachments to meeting agenda and Ron’s comments in RED.  

Organizational Development:  Vicki asked Linda (RALALA) if they have a succession plan – she and Bob Eddy (RALALA) shared it doesn’t always work/they are in the same place as we (LWA) are.  Bylaws – Vicki asked to move to 2021 goal/task list.  Formal audit process – Scott Erickson worked with Greg and Jackie Hegel – records in excellent shape and financial reports accurate. Scott agreed to head audit committee.  Insurance – Ron is following up with Jim Patterson.  

Continue to battle AIS:   Motion to rename our AIS line item as the “Ted Johnson AIS Memorial Fund” made by Ross/Scott.  Motion carried.  

Enhance Member Communication:  Ross feels LWA doing good job informing Lake Washburn property owners regarding identification of AIS and whom to contact – must continue this effort.  Glen doing great job with member communications (Next Door, email blasts, Newsletter, road signs).  Still have 100 Years on Lake Washburn History books for sale.  Sale of LWA logo gear will be an ongoing thing Vicki says – maybe not yearly, but ongoing.

Build Community:  Susan will continue the welcome package to new property owners.  Lisa will continue youth fishing contest.  Ice cream social was a hit – we had about 66 boats, gave out 238 bars of ice cream and 55 dog treats.  Ross looking to hold lake community gathering at the Scout camp – has a contact for Scout Camp property who graciously wants to help us with our ideas for event and might be good spot for shoreline restoration project/get boys to help/earn badges.  Ideas shared on combined activity with RALALA

Integrate Local Resources:  continue working with local DNR, contact the Loon center for speakers/opportunities

  1. Brainstorm New Goals/Tasks for 2021:  Ron asks if we should consider a lake stewardship program – Gull Lake has one we could use for a guide.  Ross – invite lakeshore restoration specialist who worked on Luscher’s Park as a speaker for our annual meeting.  Add “Adopt a Buoy” initiative under “Build Community” section on our goals/tasks



Motion to adjourn meeting made by Glen/Susan.  Motion carried. 

 Meeting adjourned at 10:46 am


Next board meeting will be May 8, 2021 – meet via Zoom before if needed


Minutes respectfully submitted, 

Janis Judd