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LWA Membership Meeting June 4, 2022

Held at Crooked Lake Township Hall


Meeting called to order at 10:10 am by President Ross Lindmeyer.  26 members present

Old Business

  1. Approval of Minutes from August 14, 2021 Membership meeting were available to read.  Motion to accept minutes as presented made by Tom Brinkman/Pat Maranda.  Motion carried.

  2. Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Glen Goodwin shared Kathy Pfaff’s report in her absence.  Motion to approve treasurer’s report as presented made by Dave Judd/John Harris.  Motion carried.

  2. AIS Summary:  Ross reported that we (LWA) work with Cass County, Crooked Lake Township Land & Shores committee, and the DNR to use grants available to us to pay for yearly survey and treatments as needed.  The plan for this year’s lake survey and treatment haven’t changed too much – the survey will take place at the end of July and treatment in September if needed.  

1.  Cass County supported boat monitoring at the public landing – boat inspectors there every weekend in summer with extended hours this year and now offer lake associations the opportunity to pay inspector for additional hours.

2.  Wake Dynamics Study – done by the University of Minnesota (U of M) last October.  Glen shared that the study is available to watch and information in print is available from the U of M.  This information is included in our LWA Spring newsletter – the survey concluded that wake boats need to stay 500 feet away from shore/structures.  The purpose of the report was education for all lake users. Two more surveys will be done – one, hopefully this year, is a column study; and the third phase is a study of specific damage to lakeshore.

C.  Lake Stewardship Initiative:  Ross shared on behalf of Scott Erickson – this is a newer committee formed to help all residents to protect and improve their shoreline.  A good example of shoreline restoration is Outing Public Dock area and Luscher’s Park.  Sue Gable shared that they are getting burned wood debris floating into Iowa Camp beach.

D.  Building Community:  Vicki Lipstreuter shared upcoming activities planned – 

1.  Ice Cream Social will go to the campground at 4 pm (weather and supply permitting)

2.  Youth Fishing Challenge is June 25th hosted by Pat and Julie Maranda – children can fish all morning, weigh in is at 1 pm, only Northern Pike fish

E.  Membership Communication:  Glen shared that the Spring newsletter is out, hard copies in the mail and email version has a “flip book viewer” for us to use to read the newsletter.  Tom Brinkman thanked the newsletter team for producing an excellent newsletter.   We currently have 285 members with over 50 sustaining members.

III.  New Business

  1.  Get the Lead Out (GTLO) drop boxes:  Ross informed the membership this program is in conjunction with CLT Lakes & Shores committee and the MN Pollution Control Agency – loons ingest the lead and it kills them.  During manned hours at the CLT garbage/recycling area you can turn in your lead fishing tackle/shot/sinkers.  At the boat landing we will also have a PVC container soon for drop off of lead – look for it near the monofilament disposal tube.  

  2. Proposed changes to by-laws:  Vicki shared we would like to add these items to update the by-laws so they reflect our current needs/practices.

  1.  Electronic Voting

  2. Board authorized spending limit – increase to $1,000.00 

  3. Zoom format for board meetings

Teresa Redding asked about how people would feel about doing one meeting per year vs two meetings.  

  1.  Presentation – Lake Management Fishery Plan – John Harris

John shared that he, Glen Goodwin, Bob Holman, and Scott Erickson met with the DNR recently.  The article in our Spring newsletter had a typo – should read 17 “ or larger walleye not 17 pound or larger walleye!  The DNR has been involved on Lake Washburn for over 100 years - sporadically stocking and testing whenever they had the opportunity.  DNR records show they stocked our lake in 1913.  Harold Czaier met with the DNR and started our current  fisheries program with our first stocking in 2005.  The DNR stocks walleye fryling in even numbered years, test for results – annually by electro fishing and gill netting every 3 years;  monitor the Northern population.  Possible changes coming from the DNR – an increased creel limit for Notherns, Electro fish for Bass in the Spring if DNR resources are available, allow LWA to do supplemental stocking every 3 years.  

Supplemental stocking considerations: 

            Current level of DNR stocking not proven to increase walleye fishery

            DNR unwilling to exceed state stocking guidelines

            DNR only stocks frylings

            Stocked fish that survive may increase natural reproduction

            Will require LWA membership and board approval 

            LWA funds to purchase fingerlings

John’s recommendation – approve funding of additional stocking, first year we could stock would be 2024, after two stockings – evaluate to see if supplemental stocking is working and continue/discontinue accordingly.  Sue Gable says we should consider asking members/property owners to donate to a “stocking the lake” fund – lots of frustrated fishermen around here.  John stated that our Perch population is very low, but ciscos/tulibe are present and help us out in feeding the larger fish.

Meeting adjourned at 11:29 am

Minutes respectfully submitted,

Secretary – Janis Judi

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