2021 Pike Fishing Contest - July 24, 2021

This is a tentative date - check back for updates!

10 a.m. - 11 a.m. 

Location to be determined

First Annual Youth

ALL PIKE Fishing Challenge

The Lake Washburn Association’s First Annual Youth ALL PIKE Fishing Challenge was a huge success.  The event was designed to remove some of the smaller predator pike in the lake and to encourage kids to fish. Lisa McCloud was the creator and driving force behind the contest, and her sister, Tonya Muller, graciously donated her lake property for the weigh in and activities.

31 Kids participated and 33 pike were hauled in.  All fish were weighed, measured, then cleaned and bagged so each angler was able to take home their fresh fillets.

There were stamping crafts, casting lessons, a floating Ducks-on-the-Pond raffle, small Northern filleting demonstrations, photo ops with Smokey Bear and a mysterious BigFoot, refreshing root beer floats, and a collection of handouts including fish posters, rulers, magnets, stickers, pencils, even a fish taco mango salsa recipe. 

Six contest categories were created and each winner was allowed to select their award from an array of prizes, the most coveted being an Abu Garcia Black Max Spinning Combo rod and reel, donated by Hallie and Steve DeVries.

Individual Angler with the Most Fish - Garrett Hosch (St. Joseph)

Team of Anglers with the Most Fish - Jack Burbach (Edina), Zach          Danielson (Edina), Carl Johnson (Edina)

Smallest & Lightest Fish - Eli Pederson (Polk City, IA)

Longest & Heaviest Fish - Blake Zerwas (Lino Lakes)

Youngest Angler - Brooklin Welch (Anoka)

Oldest Angler - Kyle Pederson (Des Moines, IA)

A raffle was held for the remaining prizes and everyone up to 16 years old who entered was allowed to choose a prize when their name was drawn.  Sponsors included:  Crosslake Dairy Queen Grill & Chill, Dentistry for Children and Adolescence, Hallie and Steve DeVries, Emily Ace Hardware, Emily Holiday Station, Emily Meats, Lakes Printing - Brainerd, Lake Country Grocery, Land O’Lakes Marine, Log Cabin, Tonya Muller, Outing Station, Owls N’ Things, Pickled Loon Saloon, Redding’s Sports & Spirits.


Keith Ahlquist
Glen Goodwin
Jennifer Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Luke Johnson
Will Johnson
Mike Lemke
Mary Lindmeyer
Ross Lindmeyer
Vicki Lipstreuer
Lisa McCloud
Randy McCloud
Taylor McCloud
Zachary McCloud
Tonya Muller
Brittney Simon
Mackenzie Springman
Brian Wheeler

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill- Crosslake
Dentistry for Children and Adolescence
Steve and Hallie DeVries
Emily Ace Hardware
Emily Holiday Station
Emily Meats
Lakes Printing-Brainerd
Lake Country Grocery
Land O’Lakes Marine
Log Cabin
Tonya Muller
Outing Station
Owls N’ Things
Pickled Loon Saloon
Redding’s Sports & Spirits 
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