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The beauty of the lake.....

January is crusing by quickly.... the Holidays came and went and the snow continues....along with some pretty nice temps! Hang on though as we are going into the minus temps later in the week. That's okay for awhile as we could use some good freezing on our lakes, trails and swamps. Slush is not fun for fishing and unfrozen swamps is not good for snowmobiling. We could use a break from the continuing snowfall. The drought will probably be minimal this year with all the inches we have received and will receive. Makes for beautiful landscape even though our storm in December did a lot of damage to our trees. Spring clean-up will be a challenge this year. Lots of downed trees, branches, needles, and pinecones. What lurks under the snow we shall see.... Embrace the winter as it will soon be spring!

Go for a walk, go fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, sking, or whatever you love to do as we have almost perfect conditions for everything winter. Enjoy!!

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