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Winter, Winter....

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Certainly are feeling the blast of the cold winter temps and wind these days. Seems a bit hard to wrap your head around a 60-70 degree temperature change within just a few days. Oh yes, we forget, we live in Minnesota!! Beautiful winter, lots and lots of snow, heard from reliable source that as of last weekend we had 56" of beautiful white snow so far but we can add a few more to that now since it has snowed three times in three days. Just makes it that much more delightful when the snow glistens in the sunshine. May be cold but oh so trails are in great condition this year, snowmobile trails are too. Snow shoeing has been a fun activity with the deep snow. Seems the only thing missing this year is the good ice for fishing. Just did not get thick enough before the 20" snowfall creating slush in areas and unknown ice depth. No ice is ever safe and this year it's even more unsafe in areas. Proceed with caution if you plan to venture out. Before winter starts to fade, venture outside and enjoy what the area has to offer. Wildlife watching has been enjoyable this year. Nothing better than hearing a Chickadee sing in the woods. Before we know it, spring will be knocking on the door.

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