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Summer rains....

August brings water the plants, the trees, to bring the lake levels up and to wash the earth. August also begins to usher in the next season. The season we enjoy but at the same time, do not want to let go of summer. As we enjoy the days of August we look to Labor Day. This year it is later in extends our summer fun!! The summer was different this year for many reasons.

Certain times were more quiet, then a rush of busy activity, then back to the serene feel of the lake. Fishing became a favorite passtime again, sitting on the deck with a good book, floating in the water, maybe you even tried your hand at waterskiing again. Seems like it did not matter what day of the week it was this year....weekends extended into weeks, for some there was no weekend as in past as they came to the lake for the whole summer. The weather was perfect! Hot days, cool nights, humid days, no humidity. We could not have asked for any better. And it continues. Enjoy the fading days of summer.

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