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Fall snow is so beautiful......

To date we have had two measurable fall season in October and another on November 10th-11th. Both were shovel and plow. The first one melted with our balmy temps for about a week. The last one is most likely here to stay.

Snow is beautiful, it covers the ground that makes the lake landscape so very pristine. Open water, now with a little ice along the edges, gives a sense of what is to come. Fall is beautiful with it's comfort colors surrounding us until the beauty of the leaves become a burden of labor. Then one day we look out and the blanket of white covers them all up and we forget about them until spring. We have other things to think about in this beautiful north. How much snow will we get? How cold will old man winter make us endure? How thick will the ice be? How soon can we ice fish? How good will the ski trails be? Will we have enough snow for riding our snowmobiles? All the wonderful things to do in this beautiful northland will become our playground in a different season. So when we say goodbye to fall, we greet winter with open arms!

Bring it on!

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