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drought, smoke, rain.......

What a summer it has been in 2021! Started the season with high water, now we are so very, very low. Not the official keeper of the level but it's got to be at least 2 feet lower. A good example is when you get to your boat or pontoon, you may not get it off the lift. Beached boats are pretty common these days. Some have already pulled them out of the water because of the levels. The local removal business is removing on our lake beginning right after Labor Day. Not a happy thought but it's the hard facts that boat landings are low, and it will be tough to get equipment on the shoreline with the low water level.

It was a hot summer. Temps in the 90's! Great beach weather for sure. Creates lots of water activities. But then we started getting the hazy, smokey days. They made for beautiful sunset photos but the smell at times was too much to breathe.

Today we have a very smokey, hazy, smelly day. We did receive a little rain, maybe a quarter inch so far but more on the way. Much needed in the whole state especially the central and north. Extreme drought they say. Now we have forest fires burning our beautiful land and in some cases cabins and homes near the Ely - Lake Superior area. Hope they get them contained soon. Maybe the wind will pause, the rain will pour down and the fires diminish.

The trees are already turning and dropping their leaves (dry) and the acorns are falling, squirrels are hiding them, and the deer have grazed in many flower beds.

Another season.......soon on it's way. Enjoy the last dog days of summer!

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