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Happy 2020!

The 15th of the month and it is snowing like it's raining! Funny how the weather people predict a little snow, then it turns in to a major event! Or better yet...a major snow event and then very little! Today we are having heavy snow as I jot this blog. It's beautiful if you can sit inside and just watch it come down. For those that will have to shovel and/or plow, maybe not so pretty. This is the second time this week we have been blessed with the beauty of flakes and we will be again on Friday into Saturday. The winter so far has been quite unique with the beginning of the freezing, unfreezing, freezing of the lake, then snow, rain, snow, ice, snow, snow, snow and more snow. The temps have been pretty good this year... no 40-50 below. It really is tranquil on Lake Washburn when a new cover arrives. So quiet, even the creatures are tucked in during the snowfall. Fun to see who comes out first once it ends....humans or the hardy winter animals and birds. It's probably true to say, we will receive more snow before this winter is over but did you know Spring is only 64 days away? Wow!


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