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Merry Christmas!

from Lake Washburn Association. Tis the holiday season to enjoy family, friends and neighbors. For some, it is a time to get back to the lake for a few days to enjoy the winter solstice. It has been quite the fall (winter) this year and now that it is winter, well...maybe fall.. confused? So is the lake. Frozen, thawed, frozen, rained on, then snow, then more snow and now melting again. Just a word of warning - Do Not Trust the Ice. From reports it is not good ice, there is slush in between the ice, snow, icy , snowy, covering. Just be smart. No Lake Ice is safe and especially in a year like Lake Washburn has had this year.

There are all kinds of outdoor activities to enjoy this time of year. Take the time to partake in some around the area this winter. The Lake Washburn Solitude Ski trail has been groomed, as well as snowmobile trails where it is safe.

Just a quiet walk in the woods is quite enjoyable as well, you can identify all the tracks in the snow. How about snow shoeing?? We have plenty of snow for that. Sledding down the hill can be so fun! With all the things to do, winter will fly by and pretty soon we will be talking spring! It really isn't all that far away..

March 19th. New Years Day, Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day and Spring 2020!


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