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4th of July Holiday .....

is upon us and we are happy for the summer to finally arrive! As the 4th approaches, it is a good time to remind everyone about the safety on the lake. Life jackets are number one when it comes to saving lives on the water. Please make sure everyone on your craft and dock has one! Along with the life jacket comes boating safety. It gets busy on the lake and many boats, floaters, jet skis, canoes, paddle boards, kayaks, and other types of water toys begin to appear where you least expect them. Have the knowledge of where you are on the lake, and what are your surroundings. Brush up on the boating laws. Many new water craft appear each year. Know when speed, distance, yielding and other common sense should prevail. Stay 150 feet away from boats, docks, other types of water crafts, floaters, skiers, etc. At the blink of an eye someone could be in your line of travel. Think WATER SAFETY at all times. Happy Independence Day to all!

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