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Memorial Day ....

May we never forget!

Spring certainly has not been kind to us in the weather department so far this year. A couple teaser days but now cool and wet again. Seems the plants, trees and grass are beginning to show some life. As is the lake with a docks, lifts, boats, pontoons, etc. beginning to line the shores as well as some cruising and fishing. Water skiing has already been spotted....brave souls they are but so fun to watch! The bears are making their way around the neighborhoods as well. Many have been spotted so be feeders, no garbage out and maybe they will stay away from your holiday weekend picnic!!

First big weekend of the year....remember to wear your life preserver.

Clean, drain and dry your watercraft to help prevent the spread of invasive species. Decontamination unit is at the Crooked Lake Town Hall.

Enjoy the weekend!! Be safe and remember those that we have lost.

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