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Spring 2019

Spring has arrived! Many are pleased to see it arrive after the long, very cold, polar vortex, snow accumulating winter of 2018-2019. Glad to kick it down the road!!! The snow is melting but not too quickly. It will take some time as the temperatures fluctuate each day. The roads have already turned to slush, to snowy to drying off but old man frost will rear its head when it comes out.

So, mud season is beginning.

Swans have been sited, chickadees are frolicking in the trees as they sing.

The squirrels especially seem abundant and the deer, well they roam where ever and when ever they want. Pretty sure they are happy to be free of the deep, deep snow. As the creatures come to life, the snowbirds return, the activity around the lake begins to wake from the winter.

Always intersting to see when the lake will be free of ice. Many watch with anticipation of getting their dock out, boat in and get fishing for those beloved crappies. We can see it beginning on Lake Washburn as spring has arrived!

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