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Happy January 2019

What a great winter we are having on Lake Washburn. Great weather, plenty of snow, icy patches in places from the last predicted snow but came in the form of icy rain. The temps have been good to us so now the deep freeze will set in for a week or two. Not a problem! We are Minnesotan! We love this! The lake is spotted with fish houses, skating rinks, piles of snow, a few skiers, and snowmobilers. Activity abounds!!! This weekend brings a fishing contest, multiple events around our area for everyone to enjoy, along with just kicking back and having a cup of hot cocoa while reading a good book.

So much to do on a winter's day.

The birds are singing, the squirrels are playing, the deer roam everywhere as we look to spring coming in the back door very soon. Winter is fun, winter is short, winter is loved, winter is disliked, winter is a peaceful season for all. We embrace as we play in the beauty of this winter. Stay Warm!

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