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July .....

Wow, the 4th is past, the parade was fun, great weather, and lots of boat activity with just a leisure ride or the boats with skiers or tubers showing their beginner or advanced skills. It will be a bit quieter for a short time until the weekend comes again, then we look to enjoying every possible day we can on the water. Seems like once we hit mid July, summer flys by too quickly. Good to see our wildlife survived the activity. Even a pesky muskrat was not deturred by the boats as he played in the lake. So fun to see the baby loons swimming with mama! Eagles did not disappoint either, as they soared the sky when not in the nest. Seems the bears just wanted to hang out with some friends and neighbors also. Reports of sightings on decks and in yards over the weekend. Was thinking the berries are out now and they should be leaving our backyards for the wild. Guess not! There was also a spotting of that big old ugly, hairy animal or whatever it is this weekend too.

Seems it found its way around the lake, visiting a few neighborhoods. Sas needs to go back to Remer and hang out there!! I think it startled a few folks and but had some great laughs! For sure it was a great celebration of our Independence this past week. Enjoy the lake and summer.

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