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After the 8 plus inches of snow.....

on Monday, March 26th, the sun is shining today. With it brings the melting, and mud season. That snowfall certainly slowed the beginning signs of spring around the lake!! Makes it look nice and clean and fresh.

Now on to melting the ice!! Activity seems to be picking up a little around the lake as the snowbirds return and anxious cabin tenants begin checking to see when they can open up. It is a true right of the season that is upon us. Mother Nature will cooperate. Sometimes it just takes a little longer. Fishing opener is on May 12th this year, so we have time. As everyone begins thinking about the lake, it is also time to renew your Associaiton Membership or join the Association if you are not already a current member.

Summer will be here soon!!! Yippee!!

In the meantime, Happy Easter to all!

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