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Balmy temps arriving on Lake Washburn......

Wow, it is finally going to warm up again after that blast of minus temps.

We love winter but sure do hope those bitterly cold days are gone for the season!! Of course that Vikings game on Sunday warmed the whole state and then some!! Wow! What a game! Even if you are not a fan, you have to enjoy the way that game ended.

Activity around the lake continues with fishing....haven't heard too many fish stories but they are out there in full force. Today, you can sit on a pail, drop a line and enjoy the beautiful day. Snowmobiles buzzing after the nice 5-6" snowfall on Sunday, on top of what we received on Wednesday. Sking is happening, skating rinks have popped up in a few areas of the lake, and of course just a walk on the lake is so relaxing on a day like today.

There is the annual fishing contest on Lawerence Lake on Saturday. Warm temps should bring out the people for that event.

Super Bowl, Olympics, Basketball, Hockey, Masters...Boom! Spring will be here before you know it! Enjoy the season!!

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