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Happy Freezing Cold New Year!!

Certainly hope everyone is off to a good start of 2018! The cold temps sure do make ice but not too much fun being outdoors when the thermometer continues to be 20 some below day after day. But wait! It will warm up again soon....where else do people get excited about a 20 plus degree day!

The lake has come alive with activity of fishing, snowmobiling, walking, skating, skiing, bird watching, and other enjoyable activities that we do in the winter. You can certainly watch deer, they have a pattern of where they travel each day, crossing the lake at a specific time of day.

We don't seem to have a lot of snow right now (nice, no shoveling) but that will more than likely change with the warming temps that will arrive.

Enjoy our beautiful winter, start making your summer plans, it will arrive quicker that you think!

Just a reminder......fill out the Association survey if you have not already done so. Deadline for completion is drawing near.

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