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Merry Christmas!

And so the holiday season begins with Christmas just a few days away....where did fall go? Guess when you are living on the lake the time flies very quickly as there is so much to do. We have had snow, we have shoveled, we have had it melt, we have had more snow, more shoveling, rain, and again we have more snow....and now the bitter cold. It will be good for the ice making for sure. Not so much for outdoor activities but we are Minnesotans, a little cold won't stop us from having fun! We enjoy the north when it is all quiet, and the sun glistens over the ice and snow covered lake. Today the sun is shining, snow on the beautiful pine trees, and no wind. Beautiful winter has arrived!

The lake has a few fish houses, fisherpersons, some atvs, and even a snowmobile. Be careful on the ice, be safe. There are already way too many accidents this year involving unsafe ice.

Merry Christmas to all!

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