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Lake Association....

Oh yes, the organization that helps do what?

We always hear what an association is about, but do we ever think

about what our lake would be like if we did not have our lake association "volunteers"?

On that note, think about your lazy day boat shallow water.....and our spawning area....and our loon rafts.....and the milfoil....the fishing....the water quality......the water on and on.

How do you think you get to enjoy all that??

The work of the many volunteers of the lake association.

It is never easy to step up and take on a task by volunteering...always much easier to find excuses, proclaim the association doesn't do anything, and just let the same ones continue on ..... Think about it for a moment.....what if they all resigned? What would happen to our lake?? Who would put those

thirty one buoys in the lake....who would check the water quality.....who would over-see the invasive species trying to creep into our beautiful lake??

There are openings on the Lake Association, there are volunteers needed to help accomplish the keeping of our waters....have you ever Volunteered?

Are you a member of our Association? If not, time to join, time to volunteer, time to get to know what if we did not have a lake association.

You are invited to attend the Lake Washburn Association Meeting on Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 5 p.m. at the Crooked Lake Town Hall.




Enjoy the rest of the summer on beautiful Lake Washburn.

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